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Learning at Children’s House

Our Montessori curriculum supports each child’s individual learning style within the 3-6 multi-age classroom which includes kindergarten. Our goal is to inspire children to become joyful, lifelong learners. Children remain in the same classroom from one year to the next. Kindergartners participate in daily, enrichment opportunities with their same-age peers during nap time.

What is the Montessori method?

In 1907 Maria Montessori opened her first school in the tenements of Rome, Italy. Montessori believed that young children have an innate path of learning and development. She believed that children naturally choose activities that lead to spontaneous learning and development.

At the Children’s House, we follow the philosophies of Maria Montessori to guide children through their individual development paths. Our classrooms offer children opportunities to explore a wide variety of Montessori materials under the guidance of caring Montessori certified teachers.

Components of an Early Childhood Montessori Environment

Multi-Age Classrooms

Our multi-age groupings (3 – 6 years of age) enable younger children to learn from older children and experience new challenges through observation. Older children reinforce their own learning by teaching concepts they have already mastered, while developing leadership skills and serving as role models. Because each student’s work is individual, children progress at their own pace; there is cooperation rather than competition between the ages. This arrangement mirrors the real world, in which individuals work and socialize with people of all ages and dispositions.

Montessori Teachers

Our classroom teachers are accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) and understand the importance of enabling children to develop naturally. Challenging and developmentally appropriate lessons and materials are presented based on observations of each child’s unique interests, abilities, and social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Montessori Materials

A key component of Montessori education is the hands-on approach to learning using specially designed learning materials. At Children’s House each classroom is specially prepared with an array of beautifully crafted Montessori materials to meet the needs of each child. Each learning material teaches a single skill or concept following a logical order and progression which allows the child to develop naturally..

Child Directed Work

Montessori educators support children in choosing meaningful and challenging work that captures their interest. Presentations and repetition of lessons will guide the children to engagement, intrinsic motivation, sustained attention, and a sense of responsibility to oneself and others. We model ways for children to be respectful, orderly, and productive.

Uninterrupted Work Periods

In our Montessori classrooms, an extended period of “free choice” time called the “uninterrupted work period” recognizes and respects each child’s learning process. During the work period, every child has time to select and work through various tasks and responsibilities at their own pace, without interruption in order to develop one’s coordination, concentration and independence naturally.


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