“Children need to be given the freedom to have experiences, to fail, and to explore on their own and within their own terms.”

~ Maire Montessori ~

Our mission is to provide a Montessori preschool and kindergarten that guides a diverse group of children to become joyful, confident lifelong learners who respect others and the world around them. In our vision, Children’s House students are extraordinary citizens, independent, responsible, unique and confident in their abilities to influence their world.

Children’s House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which is governed by a volunteer board of directors. The board of directors supports and assists the Children’s House Montessori School in fulfilling its mission and vision. The board serves as a governing committee to oversee long-range planning, to create policy and procedures for the school, to approve the annual budget, and to hire and evaluate the Executive Director.

Our current board of directors is composed of parents of currently enrolled students, parents of former students, faculty representative and executive director. Board members are selected based on their skills, enthusiasm for the mission and vision of the Children’s House, and a core belief in the people and the work of the school.

Term Expires 2020

Todd Cruse – Treasurer
Will Freeman
Carolyn Hyatt
Emily Parish – Chair
Pam Scretchen

Term Expires 2021

Will Alexander
Andy Corts
Donna Hicks
Maya Sethi
William Smallman
SarahWolf – Secretary

Term Expires 2022

Amy Huffman
Emily O’Grady
Emeka Oputa
Bobby Perry – Chair-Elect

Rhonda McKay – Ex-Officio Member

The Executive Director is an Ex-Officio member of the Board of Directors