How early can I submit my child’s application?

Any time after your child’s birth!  Application date and our desire to balance our classrooms by age and gender are factors we consider in admission decisions. Priority is given to sibling and legacy applicants who apply by January 1 of the desired enrollment year.

I have heard that it is impossible to get into Children’s House unless an application is submitted at birth.  Is this true?

This is not true and we encourage you to apply!

The number of new student openings varies every year and your application date is only one of several factors we consider in our admission decisions. After we place our sibling and legacy applicants, we fill remaining openings with those from our application pool, balancing  age and gender populations within each classroom. Some years, we deplete an entire applicant pool (age/gender) as we create this balance.  This occurs quite frequently. Applicants placed on a waiting list are considered for future openings within their age/gender group. Each year we enroll some children from our waiting list, often notifying families in late spring or summer.

Is my application complete?

You need to do three things to complete the application process:

  1. Submit an application
  2. Pay the application fee
  3. Observe in a classroom and/or attend the fall Open House for Prospective Families

When will I know about admissions?

We will notify you in early March regarding admission or waiting list placement.

Can I request a specific classroom for my child?

We will consider your request as we work to balance our classrooms using several factors, including age and gender.

Will the Children’s House place siblings in the same classroom?

We invite parents to join us in discussing sibling placement. Some families find it helpful for siblings to be in the same classroom, others prefer separation. We will consider the best environment for each child and parents’ preference along with available openings.

Can I observe in a classroom at Children’s House?

Yes, just call our office  615-298-5647 to schedule a classroom observation. We typically schedule visits on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 9:30, mid-October through the end of the school year.

What is Montessori?

Montessori is both a method and a philosophy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori more than 100 years ago.  It is a child-centered approach to learning that recognizes that children learn best within a social environment which supports individual development. Montessori trained teachers prepare the classrooms so that each child can work at his own pace with specially designed, sequenced materials allowing individual choice with gentle guidance and hands-on learning. Children develop the skills needed to become responsible members of a community including cooperation, negotiation and problem solving skills. Learn more at the American Montessori Society website:

How is Children’s House different from other Montessori schools?

Since each school interprets Dr. Montessori’s work, we encourage you to visit in our classrooms and ask questions of our administrators. Children’s House opened in 1973 and is well respected in the Nashville early childhood community. Parents and grandparents are welcomed as frequent observers and volunteers in our classrooms. The quality and credentials of our faculty are excellent and we traditionally have little teacher turnover from one year to the next. Our Montessori curriculum is aligned with the state’s kindergarten Curriculum and TN Early Learning Developmental Standards. Additionally, our art program offers each student exceptional exposure and instruction in the visual arts. Several galleries throughout the building display children’s work throughout the year. We emphasize and guide children to show respect for self, others, the materials and the environment.

Why multi-age?

In our multi- age classrooms children learn from each other. A multi- age group means that children are able to progress as they are ready, without competition. Our more experienced children serve leadership roles as they model behavior for the less experienced children. Children learn easily from one another and when more experienced children share what they have already learned, they reinforce their own skills and behaviors.

Is my child ready?

At age three children are entering a new stage of independence and social abilities. Our Montessori classroom is an ideal place to channel their desire for independence into a desire to learn and to explore the world around them. Your child must be three years old and possess independent toileting skills.

Full or part-time?

All students attend 5 days per week. Full time is 8:20 to 3:40, M-F. Part time is 8:20 to 3:40, three days per week and 8:20 to 12:15, two days per week. We are happy to discuss enrollment options to help you determine what will best meet your family’s needs.

Are meals served?

Children bring a lunch from home. We offer nutritious snacks  in the morning, after nap and during our afternoon extended care program. We serve a variety of whole grain products, healthy fruits and vegetables, cheese and organic milk.

Does Children’s House operate on an academic calendar year?

Yes, we are closed the traditional school holidays including two weeks in December and a spring break in March. A summer camp with eight one week sessions is optional. We are closed for most of August. See our calendar on our Home Page for more details.

What is my role as a Children’s House parent? Can I be involved?

We invite and encourage parent involvement. We ask that parents and other extended family members be involved in some of the following ways:

  • Observe in child’s classroom during the school year to understand how it all works
  • Volunteer to drive for field trips, make materials, garden, cook or read, etc.
  • Join fund raising event planning committees
  • Contribute or ask local businesses to contribute items or services for our annual auction
  • Attend parent meetings, social events and fund raising events
  • Serve on a committee of the board or as a board member for a three year term
  • Additionally, we expect that each family will participate in our annual House Fund at a level that is individually meaningful. This fund supports improvements and capital projects, continuing the legacy that our families always leave the school better than they found it.

Where do children attend school when they leave Children’s House?

Our students leave Children’s House as confident and competent learners who are well prepared for the next school experience. Many schools, both public and private, look forward to having our alumni in their classrooms. Recent alumni have attended Eakin, Ensworth, Franklin Road Academy, Glendale, Harding Academy, Julia Green, Oak Hill, Percy Priest, St. Bernard, St. Paul, University School of Nashville and Waverly Belmont.